In 1989 she began her training at the Fine Arts School in Caen, a passion for drawing led her to discover painting techniques and other points of view.  Now her canvases go well beyond merely reproducing an image, it is a personal vision distanced from reality.  Whether abstract or figurative,
each painting is made up of reflections and a range of media, where the painter has worked intensely to be able to express freely all the impressions of life and the wanderings of her soul.  A resolutely modern artist, most of Marie Agnès PERSYN's works are acrylic on canvas, slate and
paper, works with a strong character which give off a strange almost palpable force. These impressions of life, sensuality and wanderings, applied on the canvas with a knife, brush or even with fingers, leave nobody indifferent, as much by the range of colours, dark or brightened by the
strength of the main shapes, that are often dynamic, always free.

"And when my thoughts slide my brush,

There is a little of me, of my views, of my feelings, in the painting or the drawing and which I display.  To do that I like to use mostly acrylic or vinyl pigments which dry quickly and allow you to work fast, with layers.  I cover and partially re-cover the sketch, leaving visible traces and so creating relief in media which catch the light, shadow and the ideas.

Her colour is RED. "flamboyant inebriation"

To that she adds ochres, oranges, the violet of Bayeux as well as its natural or burnt earth colours  and of course, black, indispensable for sharp contrast. Her experiences and feelings give her the drive she needs to work.  She throws herself into the medium and likes to produce series of the same
format, colours, poses and techniques which each time emerge as a unique work. Modern in her pictorial research, she moves ahead with time at its pace, using all the elements available to her with verve whether cardboard, paper, pigment, sand, wax, paint, varnish.etc.  Canvas, slate or cardboard
lend themselves to a particular technique, each having their own qualities, supple or hard, which respond to a gesture or a feeling.
She passes from abstract to figurative painting and back again depending on the moment, the mood.  She may paint a nude and then some abstract subject.  Oil pastels and oil paint sometimes replace acrylic because they are softer, more sensual.  Her work on the body is essential and she paints them as if she were sculpting and modelling them exactly as she would like them to be.

The gesture adapts to the format and the format to the mood of the moment. 
Flamboyant inebriation.